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10 Things You Should Know Before You Plan Your Next Event

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Planning an event can be a daunting task but there’s no need to panic. It is an event manager’s job to take that stress off your shoulders and make sure all the little details are organised and seamless. At The Deck, our dedicated team of event planners are always on hand to make sure your event runs like clockwork so we have rounded up our top tips to help you plan your next event.

1. Be flexible on dates

Key dates in the social calendar get booked up quickly, especially at the most popular venues. If you are hoping to impress your guests with a unique venue in a great location try to be flexible on your date. Having a few dates in mind will really help when it comes to securing that perfect venue.

2. Start planning early

If your event date is absolutely fixed due to other factors then it is really important to start your venue search sooner rather than later. Not only will this give you a better chance of securing that all-important date but it gives you more time to plan and get to know your event manager. Also, by confirming your venue early you can give your guests plenty of notice, which will help boost attendance.

3. Decide your deal-breakers

When you first begin planning your event, make sure you have a clear vision in your head of what you want to achieve and what your real deal-breakers are. Letting the events team know your goals from day one will save you time sorting through venues that wouldn’t work for you. Communicating your vision to your event manager from the very start of your enquiry also means they will be far better equipped to advise, guide and turn your vision into a reality.

4. Make it memorable

In recent years the events industry has seen a real focus on turning an event into a memorable and lasting experience. There are so many fun, creative ways to take your event to the next level and make it one that your guests can’t stop talking about. Choosing an iconic, unique venue is the first step and by adding interactive elements such as a live food station or photo booth you can ensure your guests are engaged and entertained throughout.

5. Think about theming

Another great way to make your event both fun and memorable is to give it a theme. This can be minimalistic or elaborate depending on the style you are trying to create. Choosing a flexible, blank canvas venue allows you to personalise your event and make it stand out through the use of colour schemes, lighting, flowers and furnishings. The Deck offers a host of opportunities for a themed event including bespoke lighting filters and branded photo booth print print-outs. All these little touches will help make your event both professional and memorable.

6. Live performers

A wonderful way to kick off the evening is with a live performance. Arriving to the sweet sound of a string quartet or to the upbeat melodies of a steel band helps set the tone and create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Close-up magicians, contact jugglers and even fortune-tellers are also an engaging way to entertain your guests. Here at The Deck we have a professional in-house talent agency, NT Talent, and we are always happy to recommend an act for your event.

7. Engage on social media

So many successful events, particularly those with a strong emphasis on brand identity, have an event hashtag and actively encourage conversation before, during and after the event on social media. Re-tweets from keynote speakers, delegates and the venue itself all help to create a buzz around your event and can help increase the overall impact.

8. Location, location, location

Choosing a venue with great transport links is important to ensure your guests can easily attend your event. If people have had a pleasant, straightforward journey they will arrive in a much better mood and leave with fonder memories. Consider venues in walking distance of mainline rail and tube stations to make travel easier for those attending.

9. Focus on food

There is nothing worse than leaving a party or event desperate to find a snack to grab on the way home. If you are hosting a short evening reception, canapés are ideal. However, if you are planning a longer event make sure you provide enough food. Never under-cater – if there isn’t enough to go round, guests will feel dissatisfied. Live food stations can be a great addition to a canapé reception or look for an option like The Deck’s Globe Trotter menu, a combination of canapés and bowl food, to keep your guests well fed.

10. Be open minded

Your original brief may have been for a formal seated dinner in a traditional venue within a specific postcode but it’s important to take a moment to consider if this is the only way, or the best way, to achieve your vision. Limiting yourself to a specific date, location or format could be detrimental to the planning process. Try to be open to something different or unique. Even if every Christmas party for the past 20 years has been a traditional turkey dinner don’t get caught in the trap of thinking this is the only way it can be done. Be bold, break from tradition and try something new!




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